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On this page we will be writing down all the interesting resources we use to travel and… we invite you to help us complete it. We hope you find them useful. MAPS. National Geographic Institute. The most important resource that we have and which can be considered a real treasure. On this page we can find among […]

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When we travel by bike it is very important that your luggage is only the bare minimun. Weight is very important because you’ll have to “drag” everything  you take with you and believe it, on an uphill it becomes very important. Usually, we only carry with us objects that have more than one function and as […]

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Yesterday I got to bed with the worry about the weather, with thunderstorms forecast for the next whole day … And  climbimg to more than 2,200 meters with such a bad weather is not a good plan. And in the morning …. magic happens! A radiant sun at 8:00 … I wait a little just in case and […]

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After a restful night and a good breakfast (in hostels  I repeat breakfast an average of three times), I prepare to leave quickly and resume the yesterday stage after the turnoff. I return to the known N-260 road to link Adrall with C-14 road, both of them with a lot of traffic … Very unpleasant to […]

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Although I get up early, breakfast it’s at eight-thirty so, finally I leave the hostel at almost 10am. At least it’s sunny and the forecast only gives some water in the afternoon, well … I start pedaling to Baga across La Molina. The first section requires me to climb to Plana, a little above Planoles, with […]

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After sleeping like a rock I get up at seven o’clock in doubt as to what I’ll find … And it’s confirmed: clouds! Many dark clouds, with bad intentions. It is very clear, I can not climb up, no sense since they are charged clouds that it’s unlikely they move during the day, plus the drop in […]

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After a night with intermittent rain, and in a somewhat awkward meadow, it dawns a partly cloudy day that fortunately does not seem to threaten rain. I prepare an oatmeal and fruit breakfast while planning the day’s route. I would like to move forward as much as possible, but today I feel tired and somewhat low mood. […]

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With La Jonquera almost under my feet, I get up,  still tired from yesterday, and wondering if it would be possible to squeeze a little more to retake the stage programming and overcome those four hours late. Circulating by the trail I contact the 504 road, which I hope it may go to one of the points […]

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